The first chakra is one of the most important chakras to pay attention to.

We are spiritual beings in a human body.

I get that it is more fun floating around and not handling your life and your body, but if we do not
pay attention to our body and we do not ground our energy then it is hard to manifest things in our

It is harder to create health, it is harder to find joy and harder to be intuitive.

When I as in my 20’s I started my massage business.

As an intuitive healer, I knew I was empathic, but I did not know really what that meant or how it
affected me.

I would often get anxious when I was working, and I started having unusual body symptoms, very
similar to what my clients were experiencing, which was a sign that I had bad boundaries and that I
was taking on other people’s issues.

Then one day a healer told me that I was energetically walking 6 inches off the ground, so I started
doing grounding exercises. I also started to pay attention to how my body felt after a session
compared to how it felt before the session.
This is all first chakra stuff.

Get grounded. Trust your intuition.

Our First chakra is about our first family, our tribe.

It is red in color.

It is located at the perineum, which is the pelvic floor muscle.

The emotional health of the first chakra is your ability to heal the relationship to your first family.

Any physical symptoms from your hips down, corresponds to the First chakra.

Doing grounding exercises is a wonderful way to bring energy into your First chakra. Grounding
your body is when you take the energy in your body and focus its connection to the earth.
Otherwise known as intuitive healing.

Intuitive healing can be done by imagining tree roots coming from your feet and going down into
the earth, taking a deep breath, and bringing your attention to your feet, feeling the weight of your
body on your sit bones as you sit in your chair or walking bare foot outside.

All of these bring your energy and attention down from your head and into your body.
* To decrease anxiety, ground.
* To manifest, ground.
* To increase your intuition, ground.

Get out of your head and into your body. We seem to search for answers outside of ourselves when
all the answers are inside of us.

All information comes through your body, so when you learn to listen to the messages from your
body you will be able to decipher what is best for you, leading you to greater ease and flow with
your life.

As an intuitive healer, I find that this is a great mantra for the First chakra:
“Every day I realize the real beauty of my family and celebrate our unique qualities.”
To learn more about chakras and how they affect the body, check out this book by author Caroline
Myss, PHD – Anatomy of the Spirit.

Bonus – Tips for getting grounded:

First, take a deep breath.
Then, choose one of the following:
1. Inhale through your nose, then feel the breath go down your spine and down to the earth as you
2. While standing, bring your attention to your feet on the ground. Imagine tree roots coming out
from the bottom of your feet and going into the earth.
3. While sitting bring your attention to your sit bones. Feel the weight of your body sink into the
Choose one way to bring your attention to your body and its connection to the earth. Then allow
your body to relax. Imagine the stress and tension from your body going down into the earth to be
The important part is feeling the connection to the earth and allowing the support to be there for
Try these tips and tell me how if they help you feel more grounded and more in alignment with
your intuition. I would love to hear how it worked for you by leaving your comments below.
Have fun getting in your body!!