Ways to work together


healing session


Cranio-Sacral – A gentle method that seeks to balance the function of the central nervous system

Energy Medicine – Utilizes the physical symptoms as a road map to health

Reiki – Moves stagnant energy out of the physical body to restore balance and flow

*Parts Work Therapy (Voice Dialogue) – *Parts: sub-personalities or archetypal energies. Brings forward the messages deeply held in the body.

What makes my work unique is my approach to healing. Many people might see my techniques as being relatively esoteric, because much of what I do is guided through an energetic connection – between myself, you, your body and universal wisdom.

Each session starts the same – with a conversation about what you are experiencing in your life and in your body. But what happens along the way is unique to each person.

As we talk, I am able to follow your body’s symptoms along with energetic patterns. I can then begin to intuitively listen to how the body is responding to the conversation, which leads to deepening questions.

It’s through these deepening questions that I am able to bring forward the crux of the issue that is causing your symptoms and intuitively guide you to bring resolve, peace and calm to the body.

You will experience

Decreased physical ailments
Personal empowerment
Overall sense of wellbeing

Available for in-person or distance healing.
90 Minute Sessions

astrology/natal chart


Astrology is the unique, beautiful combination of both science and mystic.

A birth chart is a blueprint of all of the celestial bodies at your exact moment of birth and the signs that they are in.

You are so much more than just your sun sign.

We encompass all of the zodiac signs within us. We take characteristics from every single one of them and they embody us in some form, in varying degrees.

When we understand and begin to accept our gifts and our challenges, then we can begin to accept ourselves more completely.

Learn about

Your life’s purpose
Your potential
Your relationships
How to deal with conflict
Where your growth edge is
Why you are the way you are
How to move forward with clarity

Available for in-person or distance healing.
60 Minute Sessions

If you’re interested in learning the basics of reading your own natal chart – Visit my Practical Astrology Course page to learn more and join the waitlist – here.



In these sessions, I help you understand the messages in each of the cards through interpretation and intuitive guidance.

Tarot can help you –

Gain insight into complex life relationships and circumstances
Reveal universal wisdom around questions you have about specific circumstances or life in general
Decode information, giving you grounded, practical advice to help you navigate through your world

You will be empowered with your new clarity.

If you’re interested in learning how to read Tarot – Visit my Intuitive Tarot Workshop page to learn more and join the waitlist – here.