Experience more joy, ease, and freedom in your life.


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When you feel


it’s usually a signal that you’re out of energetic alignment

When we are confronted by the many feelings of uncertainty, fear, rage and sadness our outside circumstances bring up in our lives, we have to remember that the power to heal comes from within.

The body is a map – there is an underlying issue in every symptom your body experiences. The map comes from the body’s intelligence. The body has its own consciousness, it’s speaking to us all the time. We were just never taught how to listen to it.

When you listen to your body, you have an opportunity to explore and dive into the underlying issue.

I can help you decipher the messages so you can get back in the driver’s seat and take back your power.

When you tap into the connection of your Higher Self you will begin to align with the core of who you truly are, your true soul essence.

Here’s what client’s actually


Feel more control over their life

Less stress and anxiety

Feel more grounded

Feel more energetically aligned

Deeper connection with your inner Self

Reduced physical ailments and illnesses

Increased love and forgiveness toward yourself & others

The ability to be more mindful

Increased Self awareness

The ability to pause and see the bigger picture

Getting out of your mind and into your body senses

More connection with your true feelings and perspectives

We are culturally conditioned to see ourselves as separate from all of life. But the closer we look, the more we see how interconnected we are to everything and everyone.

We are an intrgral part of the Whole

Becuase of this conditioning, it’s easy for us to be knocked off balance. And sometimes we need help centering ourselves.

Recentering points you in the direction toward your true, authenic Self. That’s when you remember who you are and why you’re here. You will expereince greater self-awareness, freedom, clarity, peace, and joy.

Anyone can have it and we are all worthy of it.

As a Lightworker and Energy Intuitive my job is to help you come back home to your Self.


As a lifelong seeker of truth I’ve spent my life searching for ways to feel more comfortable in my human body.

I have been energetically sensitive all my life and thought I had to be different than I actually am. Trying to fit in led me to asking a lot of questions so I could feel more comfortable with myself. I wanted to understand why life always felt so hard and how I could make it feel better.

My voracious appetite to understand life as it relates to our physical body led me on the journey of exploring this multi-dimensional world that we live in. I wanted to understand it in a way that worked for me so that I could feel more empowered and not defeated by life.

It has been this life-long process that has opened me up to receiving information from other dimensions.

I’m Becky.

With 30 years of experience, this mastery is what intuitively guides me to support and heal the unique needs of each of my clients.

Here’s how
it works

1. Understand where you’re blocked

I will energetically attune to your unique needs.

2. Open the channels for healing

I’ll use different techniques that will bring you back into alignment.

3. Feel empowered

You will learn practical tools and techniques needed to manage your wellbeing even after you leave my office.

We are connected to a creative energy source. When we feel the love of this energy we experience our magnificence beyond anything imaginable. This creative energy is the catalyst for healing our mind, body, heart and soul.

“Dearest Becky, Thank you so much for the amazing healing yesterday! I can really feel the shift. It feels so much lighter.”
“Wow, wow, wow… what a session you gave yesterday. I have more mobility and less pain today than I have had since 2019. It’s really quite remarkable. You have such a gift. Never underestimate your service to others. Thank you!”
“My appointment was fantastic.  I felt completely balanced and relaxed the rest of the day yesterday.  I’m concentrating on using my body as symmetrically as possible. You really do amazing work!”
“The appt was quite mind blowing.. body blowing as well. 
You have amazing skills and intuitive abilities. I really enjoyed the experience. 
Thanks so much for the healing!”
Christine M. 

Dude….amazing 🙏🏻❤️


Becky I can’t tell you how much our sessions feed my soul. You have unequivocally changed my life and helped me towards living a life in my truth…Thank you for all the light and love and beautifully wise energy you have brought into my life!”


You are amazing! You are so good at tweezing through information to help me see things differently which helps to take the weight off me. You are very compassionate and fun, you have a good sense of humor with a good bedside manner.

You’ve opened my eyes to another realm of healing and energy. The fact that you can do it remotely is amazing! It is so cool that you can read my energy even when I am not there!

I totally appreciate you. I even show up when I feel like complete shit. 🙂

BR, Seattle

“Becky’s voice and energy has a sense of calm, loving authority that is the exact feeling you want in a spiritual guide. You feel utterly safe and empowered at the same time listening and being guided by her” 

“All of Beckys works are so easy to digest! She has a knack for making concepts that can seem ‘woo woo’ and hard to compute, incredibly easy to access and understand. She brings a strong earthy Virgo energy to all her meditations. Each one the perfect balance of information and tools.” 

“This class was the perfect opportunity to start learning Tarot.   From this class, I not only gained broader insight into tarot card reading but I also changed my previous beliefs on tarot reading. I now view tarot cards as a tool to build one’s intuition and to gain confirmation on any question one might have. This experience opened me up to what answers tarot cards might reveal and to also have fun with them!  I definitely recommend taking this class to anyone who is even a slight bit interested, it was a fun and engaging experience. ”