Hi! I’m Becky.

I’m guessing you’re here because, like me, you feel big things.

And maybe you don’t quite know how to navigate all those big feelings in a world that doesn’t always understand and honor your sensitivity.

Well, I happen to believe that
being an empath is a
wonderful gift, but it also has
its own set of challenges.

My Story –
I went through my whole adolescence and young adult life feeling like there was something wrong with me. Always wondering why I couldn’t manage life as easily as everyone else seemed to.

It wasn’t until I went to massage school in my mid twenties that I learned that I was a highly sensitive person (an empath). And it was through my work as a massage therapist that I started to recognize that I was taking on my client’s physical ailments and symptoms. I was picking up their energy, storing it in my body and getting sick myself.

I was somatically taking on their illnesses!

Obviously, this wasn’t a sustainable option. I needed to learn how to navigate my sensitive world, my sensitive body in order to continue with my work.

My desire to learn and understand myself led me to find my holistic teachers. I began to learn about a way of being in this world that I had never considered before. My eyes were being opened. I was seeing things differently for the first time and the world was starting to make more sense to me.

So I continued to explore and trust this path. I was hungry to learn as much as I could about this unseen dimension of living.

Through everything I was learning, I was beginning to feel more at ease and grounded in my body. I felt less angry at my life situation and more aligned with the Universe. I felt like I was being guided.

As I explored myself, all of my experiences of confusion and conflict turned into clarity. I finally had a clear sense of my place in the world.

My practice started to evolve when I became aware of how my growth was simultaneously integrating into the lives of my clients and all the people around me.
That’s when I began teaching and applying the techniques I was learning to people and quickly realized the profound healing these tools provided.

super feeler.

My sensitivity is my gift. It is the key to tapping into
my intuition.

I’ve learned how to use it to translate and channel
information for myself and my clients.

The truth is, we are all intuitive. But the question remains – how do we receive information and how do
we translate it?

My purpose, my mission, the reason I’m here, is to help you find the answers so you can live a more joyful life with freedom and ease.

YOU are more than a BODY

My work is focused on helping you shift your energy and tap into your own power to heal and align with your true Self.

When you restore your natural state of balance, lasting and fundamental changes can be created in your body and your life.

You have a birthright to access the power of your inner wisdom, and through the awakening of this wisdom lies your path on which to heal, grow and succeed.