Monthly Discoveries: Throat Chakra

Are you speaking your truth? Do you speak with compassion and kindness, or from anger and fear?

In January’s Monthly Discoveries, we will explore the Fifth Chakra and go deeper into the meaning and power of harnessing and expressing our truth.

The fifth chakra is located at your throat and is known as the Throat Chakra, or in Sanskrit, Vishuddha.

It is indigo blue in color- and is all about speaking your Truth.

What does it mean to speak your truth?

Partially it is about speaking from your heart and not your head.

It means speaking with compassion and kindness, not anger and fear.

It is standing in your truth even when what you say may be going against the grain, or what the world deems as ‘normal’.

You might be asking yourself- ‘How do I know what my truth is?’

Well if you’ve been following our Monthly Discoveries Chakra Series, you may have noticed how all the chakras we’ve been talking about build upon each other.

We started with our First Chakra clearing out the limiting beliefs from our childhood and our first family, then we worked on discovering what brings us joy in the Second Chakra.

From then we learned to love ourselves and appreciate who we are in our Third Chakra.

While exploring our Fourth Chakra we learned to receive universal love and appreciate ourselves, which brings us to our Fifth Chakra by now hopefully we know a little more about who we are separate from others and what we believe in.

To me it is very important to be in your body and recognize the signs that your body gives you when something is right or wrong for you.

Then you can speak up and say,

‘This makes me feel uncomfortable. I might not know right now why this is uncomfortable, but I need you to stop.’

That is speaking your truth.

You don’t have to wait until you have it figured out or until it is perfect.

Just know that you are allowed to speak and be heard.

If you are not used to speaking out then start with little things but try not to focus on complaining as your source of conversation, talk about how much you like a particular song or talk about something you have been pondering.

What is your favorite color?

Then move into talking about your needs.

Only you know what is best for yourself.

What does your soul need to express?

Come from love and compassion and know that your truth deserves to be heard.