Chakras for Living Your Best Life

To begin with, everything is energy. And everything has a vibration.

We learn about this in science class.

We are made up of atoms. They are made from protons, neutrons and electrons that
are constantly swirling around each other, so on this sub atomic level nothing is
truly solid, not the chair we are sitting on, the floor we walk on… or our bodies.

When I am talking about energy I am not talking about a great big mysterious thing.
I am talking about a very ordinary thing that we have lost our connection to.

We take for granted the electricity we use, the Internet, and light, all of which are

All of this energy is around us and in us and when we start to have a personal
relationship with it then we are able to determine when something is good or bad for us.

Facts about Chakras

  •  There are 7 main chakras.
  • The chakras are energy centers.
  • Chakras are concentrated areas of energy that are running in our body.
  • Chakras have their own vibration or a frequency.
  • Chakras have their own color.
  • Each of the seven main chakras has a specific meaning to it and it
    corresponds to specific areas of the body.

“Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through
these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells…”. [77] Caroline Myss
Anatomy of the Spirit (1996).

Be aware of your Energy

Since everything is energy, when a thought or a person comes towards you, the
energy from that thought or person starts to come closer and closer and as it does, it
enters into your energy and you start to interpret the energy from the thought or

If you have no connection with your own energy system then you will just react to
the thought energy, but if you pay attention to how the thought or person changes
your energy then you can decide weather or not you even want to interact with the
thought or person.

You have a choice.

For example, when you get up in the morning and you have a practice of paying
attention to your body, then you check in: ‘How do I feel today, how does my energy

You might say something like, ’Today I notice that I have a slight headache, and I’m a
little tired, but my chakras feel balanced.’

Then you go to work and a coworker walks in the room and you immediately notice
that you feel a pressure on your head and you think, ‘I wasn’t’ feeling that before, I
wonder what is going on with this person? I better listen to them before I react.’

As you listen you notice the pressure in your head release and then you notice that
the coworker looks more relaxed. So, you didn’t do anything, but notice and choose
an appropriate response. If you had reacted when they walked in, then you might
have thought that they were upset with you.

I am energy. You are energy. If we challenge ourselves to be mindful of our energy
flowing to and from one another we can all achieve a more loving and peaceful
coexistence with each other and within ourselves.