Beginner’s Guide to the Sacral Chakra, the Seed of our Emotions

What brings you joy?

Can you create a list of 10 things that make you happy?

These can be big things or little things just as long as they’re focused on your own
personal joy.

Not what brings someone else happiness, but what makes your spine tingle and the
corners of mouth turn up. True, blissful, laugh out-loud, cannot sit still kind of

Know your intuitive Center

Now I invite you to sit with this question for a moment, really let it sink in.

There are no right or wrong answers, however, your ability to pinpoint and clearly
find what brings you happiness will shed light on whether or not your second chakra
is in need of some love and attention.
If this is a hard question for you to answer, then you need some work in your sacral

Red Yellow Mandala

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral chakra, also known as your second chakra, is about joy, creativity, and

It is our relationship with others.

The first chakra is our relationship to our tribe and our first family, but our second
chakra is our one on one relationships.

It is Orange in color and it is located a couple inches below your belly button on the
front and at your low back on the back of your body.

The second chakra is also the heart of your intuitive center.

When you can bring your consciousness down into your second chakra and you ask
yourself questions, you will be able to receive information based on what your body
wants (intuition) and not on what your head wants, which is usually ego driven.

Find flow in your second chakra

Here is another creative way of getting into your second chakra.

Find a quiet moment to sit with no distractions.

Place your hand on your lower abdomen and take a deep breath.

Now image an empty room that lives in your second chakra.

This is no ordinary room it is a creative space, a place that is all yours.

No one else goes into this room.

* What is in this room?
* What kind of light fills the room?
* Are there big tables to create?
* Are there art supplies?
* Maybe there is open space to move around in?
* Is there a bed to rest?
* Are there lots of colors?
* Can you see the sky from inside?
* Maybe the room has no walls?

This room can expand as needed, again it is only your room, your safe, creative space.

Spend some time here and allow your mind to open up to new possibilities.

The more time you spend in your second chakra the more you will open your intuitive center.

Have fun with this!

In the comments section below, I would love to hear your top 10 list of what brings
you joy or just share what’s in your creative room.