Testimonial 5

One of my favorite daily meditation practices. A daily vitamin to start your day off clear and balanced. A cup of coffee for each chakra.

Testimonial 4

The quintessential grounding meditation. I’ve done my share of guided meditations and this one is by far the most viscerally, gut wrap and earth bonding one I’ve found. All you need in a grounding meditation.

Testimonial 3

Becky’s voice and energy has a sense of calm, loving authority that is the exact feeling you want in a spiritual guide. You feel utterly safe and empowered at the same time listening and being guided by her.

Testimonial 2

All of Becky’s works are so easy to digest! She has a knack for making concepts that can seem ‘woo woo’ and hard to compute, incredibly easy to access and understand. She brings a strong earthy Virgo energy to all her meditations. Each one is the perfect balance...

Testimonial 1

I’ve done a lot of guided meditations and the voice, words and music that the guide uses are so paramount. I’ve found all of Beckys to be absolutely perfect. Often times I’ve found the images or description or words to be a distraction in meditations. I’ve practiced...