Trust Your Gut Giveaway


3 steps to making more aligned and confident choices!

I am so happy that you decided to sign up for this 3 part video series!! I know you will love all the information in these videos!

You can watch the three videos all at once or spread them out and take time to practice the exercises. It is up to you. Trust your process and enjoy the journey!

Video 1

How to ground and align yourself to receive information easily!

  • Learn how to connect and receive clear information.
  • How is this done?
  • How does clearing and opening ourselves to ground ourselves work?

In video series 1 of Trust your Gut, I will teach you the exact techniques and exercises to help clear and prepare your mind and body.

Video 2

How to increase your vibration, so that you can begin to hear the messages.

  • Intuition is always speaking to us… are we paying attention?
  • Learn how to connect through feelings?
  • What do the symbolic messages we receive mean?
  • HOW do we pay attention to these signs?

Our intuition is always speaking to us, through feelings, symbolic means, messages, people, places, timing of events. The question herein is are we paying attention?

Video 3 

How to ask ‘good’ questions from a place that surpasses our mind’s conditional programing and conventional way of processing information.

  • Open your minds
  • Reconnect with curiosity
  • Learn how to open portals to channel your intuition freely.

Tools and Support to help get get the most from the Trust Your Gut video series and strengthen your intuition skills.

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Trust Your Gut Check List

Becky Moore is an intuitive energy healer, channeling her mystic and innate connectedness to the spiritual world through her healing work. A natural-born educator, Becky is passionate about the body, health, and the spiritual world; she loves empowering people to connect to the infinite intelligence within. Becky has a private practice in Seattle, Washington, where she lives with her husband and two kids.