Vibrational Mastery



A journey of self-discovery through your Chakra System,
with Becky Moore-in person 7-week intensive and a free Bonus class!

Weekly Live Sessions at 4:00pm PST. via Zoom on:
May 1st | May 8th | May 15th | May 22nd | May 29th | June 5th | June 12th

June 26th| *Bonus Class.




Chakras are powerful energy centers in our bodies that filter energy and interpret messages. In this 7- Week Intensive You Will Learn how to de-code and de-mystify the inner workings of your body: The Symbolic and Energetic meaning of each individual body part. How to tell when your body is out of balance How to bring your body back into balance. How to channel this awareness to not only serve your own personal healing, but also how to help and inform others in your life. Strong foundational understanding of potential causes of dis-ease. DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH Fear of not being worthy? Fear of hard work? Skepticism? Overwhelmed with information? Determining What is right for you in your life? Understanding and Embodying your truth? IF YOU SAID YES TO EVEN ONE OF THE POINTS ABOVE… THEN THIS INTENSIVE WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!! LET’S BREAK THESE BARRIERS DOWN! LET’S GET YOU IN ALIGNMENT AND IN A PLACE OF POWER AND SELF-LOVE. LET’S BREAK THROUGH FROM GOOD TO GREAT! THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU IF: Want time for yourself? Want to understand the messages in your body? Want to Feel healthier? Want to Learn to trust your intuition? Want Increase joy? Want to Be empowered? Want to Become your own healer? Want Learn the bodies symbolic language? SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD RIGHT?! 7-week Intensive chocked-full of learnings and tools you can carry through with you for your ENTIRE life. My classes are designed to provide you with tangible tools and information, which will support you far past our 7-weeks together…. All For The Price Of $397.00 EXPERIENCE BREAK-THROUGHS: It takes discipline, commitment and dedication to yourself, If you commit to yourself, you will achieve growth~ Simple activities can make a huge change. Our body is the vehicle to intuitive info. Stop looking outside of yourself to find meaning, everything is inside! Everyone is unique. Learn to listen to your wisdom. The body is always talking to us we just need to listen. HEAL YOURSELF AND YOU CAN EXPECT MIRACULOUS SHIFTS IN YOUR LIFE: Self healing is important because it empowers us to take control of our life. Believe in our truth and power and fall in love with who we are. Self healing is worth the effort. It brings joy and helps direct you to your life purpose. WHAT TO EXPECT: Each week is focused on the chakras 1-7 with a bonus week Weekly pre-recorded class lectures Recordings will be sent out on Fridays. In person zoom class for 2 hours on Wednesday at 4:00pm PST Self-reflection questions in class room platform Homework and activities will be provided to practice throughout the weeks to increase your awareness of your energy and your intuition. First recording sent April 26th to prepare you for our first in-person session on May 1st, 2019. Week 1: First Chakra First family and tribal connections What beliefs, patterns, traditions are present from your family? A look at the messages from the lower body Week 2: Second Chakra Creativity, joy, passion How is creativity, joy and passion expressed in your life? A look at the messages from the pelvic region Week 3: Third Chakra Personal power, self love Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? A look at the messages form the abdomen and the organs Week 4: Fourth Chakra The power of love What do you have an affinity to? A look at the messages around the chest Week 5: Fifth Chakra Speaking your truth, What is your truth? A look at the messages from the neck area Week 6: Sixth Chakra Intuitive center What beliefs stop you from receiving intuitive information? How to trust your intuition. A look at the messages from our head Week 7: Seventh Chakra Connection to the universe, individualization What is your personal belief and expression of spirituality? A look at the messages from your universal connection Week 8: Bonus Week A wrap up of our journey together.