An Introduction into Practical Astrology for Beginners

Learn what your Birth Chart says about you

A 6-Week astrological self-discovery workshop

Ready to unlock the mysteries of your birth chart?

Join me for a clear, unfettered understanding of what your birth chart says about you, why it matters and how to use the information to…

Understand your
life’s purpose.

Understand why you
are the way you are.

Understand how
to move forward
with clarity.

What exactly is a birth chart anyway?

Astrology is the unique, beautiful combination of both science and mystic.

A birth chart is a blueprint of all of the celestial bodies at your exact moment of birth and the signs that they are in.

You are so much more than just your sun sign.

We encompass all of the zodiac signs within us. We take characteristics from every single one of them and they embody us in some form, in varying degrees.

Your birth chart will help reveal different layers of who you are.

Here’s what you’ll learn.

Week 1 – Sept 29

Dive into the Four Elements:
Water, Air, Earth, Fire

Week 2 – Oct 6

The Sun: Ego Expression
The Moon: Emotional Expression

Week 3 – Oct 13

Your mental thought process

Week 4 – Oct 27

Rising Sign:
What your soul is rising to

Week 5 – Nov 3

Life Lessons

Week 6 – Nov 10

Pull it all together:
How to use your chart in real life

The Details

Capacity: This series is limited to 12 participants to facilitate an intimate container of support and engagement.

Time: 90 Mins – 9:30a – 11a PST

Cost: $197 due at time of registration to secure your spot.

Virtual Meetings: We will meet weekly on Zoom. You will want to ensure you can find a private space in your home where you will not be interrupted.

Refunds: As this series is limited to just 12 guests, no refunds or credits will be available for cancellation.

Tools: Once you register for this class you will be emailed instructions on how to get a free birth chart if you don’t already have yours.

All participants will receive a video link recording of each class.

*Please take note:  All meetings will be held on a Friday morning except there will be no class the week of October 20th. (for integration)

Can’t wait to see you there!