Module 1 – 1st Chakra, First Family, Security

Module 1 – 1st Chakra, First Family, Security

Color: Red
Location: Perineum, base of spine
Body parts associated with the first chakra: Blood, bones, muscles, joints, anything from your hips down.
Emotional Health: Your capacity to heal your relationship with your first family.
Exercise: Walk around barefoot, preferably outside.
Mantra: Everyday I realize the real beauty of my family and celebrate our unique qualities.

First Chakra – One-Minute Grounding

My favorite exercise to help you ground can be done anywhere and in one minute.

Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Take another breath and when you exhale bring your attention to your feet on the floor or your bottom on the chair.

Feel your body relax.

Then imagine tree roots coming from your feet or from the base of your spine and imagine them going down into the earth towards the earths core.

Feel the love and support from Mother Earth.

    Self-Reflection Questions for Module 1

    Do you like your body and the way you look?

    Are you comfortable receiving; do you allow others to give back to you?

    Do you feel safe in your family, community, and workplace?

    Do you feel safe living under the political rule of the country you are in?

    Do you feel that the earth is well and abundant?

    Do you spend time throughout your day feeling your emotions?

    The following are all first chakra questions. Read through them and then write a summary of how these ideas play out in your life and what you feel you would like to work on for yourself and for the health of your first chakra.

    How did you feel about your home and neighborhood?

    Did you feel nurtured, loved, protected?

    What belief patterns did you inherit from your family?

    Which of those beliefs are no longer valid?

    List all the blessings that come from your family.

    If you are raising a family now list all the qualities that you would like your children to learn from you.

    Are you able to provide for your basic life necessities?

    Are you able to stand up for yourself?


    1st Chakra Illustration

    Getting To Know You

    Energy Journal

    Grounding Exercise

    Chakra Facts

    Resources used for Vibrational Mastery:
    Marie Manuchehri, ‘Intuitive Self-Healing’, Caroline Myss, ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, Sonia Choquette, ‘The Psychic Pathway’.