A Two-Hour Online Class
Hosted and taught by Becky Moore

Join me for an in-depth discussion on how to listen to what your energetic body is communicating so you can experience more ease and comfort in your overall well being and life

Are you ready to start feeling better so you can feel healthier and enjoy life more?

The physical ailments you experience on a daily basis are just your body trying to communicate something very important that you are not yet aware of.

In this two-hour online class I will teach you how to listen to what your body is saying so you can learn to shift the internal beliefs and energy that are causing you physical suffering.


Everything is made of energy.

Electrons, protons, neutrons- they are always moving. Nothing is solid.

Energy medicine is a general term used to describe an ever changing field of holistic healing, working with the human energy system to help heal disease.

We access this through the chakras.

Chakras are spinning energy centers within each of our bodies.

Our chakras receive and transmit life force energy.

We’ll go over the 7 primary chakras.

When energy is stagnant or barely moving, then discomfort and disease set in the body.

Accidents, disease, injury, all indicate areas that need attention.

Thoughts and experiences are filtered through the energy system.

How do chakras relate to the physical body?

The location of the chakras correspond with specific areas of the body.

A blocked or stagnant chakra slows the chi or life force and the spiritual connection. That’s when you may start to feel depressed, out of touch, tired, unable to think clearly or unhappy for no reason.

I will teach you how to locate the blocked or stagnant chakra so you can identify what in your life situation needs to be addressed and cleared to experience relief from your symptoms.

Sound good?


Date: Monday, June 6, 2022
Time: 4-6:00pm/ 7-9:00pm (PDT / EDT)

Location: ZOOM/ Online
*You will receive the zoom link a few days before the class

Fee: $25

Limited to 100 People

When you register for the class you will also receive FREE printable downloads of each chakra energy center + exercises for releasing the energy. You will also receive a FREE downloadable guided meditation (VALUE of $49)


I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions.