Interpreted to Provide Guidance

Divination cards reveal universal wisdom around questions you have about your circumstances or life in general. Cards are interpreted to provide guidance about how best to approach an issue or to simply find more joy and satisfaction in life.

Tarot Readings

Becky reads cards from 1-5pm on the second Sunday of each month at East West Bookshop in Seattle. Call the bookshop (206-523-3726) to schedule an appointment at the store, or email Becky directly to schedule a reading at her office or over the phone.

Astrology / Natal Chart Readings

Your birth(natal) chart is a blue print for your life and when we understand and begin to accept our gifts and our quirks, then we can begin to accept ourselves more completely.

Becky is available for in-person, face-to-face and Skype readings at an hourly rate. Email Becky directly to schedule a reading.

Host a Tarot Party

Tarot parties are a fun way to gain personal insight while surrounded and supported by friends. Interested in hosting a Tarot party? Email Becky to schedule a time and then invite your friends over for an evening of insight and connection.


  • 30-minute reading $60
  • 60-minute reading $100
  • 90-minute reading $125